Megan Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe, I guess she is pretty good at women’s soccer. I also guess she hates Trump and everybody who likes him (I have not followed the story and know little more than this about her). I saw that she, like so many, does not want to go to the White House, that going there “might somehow corrupt her message!” She says if asked, she will go to “have a real substantive conversation with anybody that believes in the same things she believes in.” So, in other words, anybody but the millions of people who supported Trump and Trump himself. She will talk to Pelosi or AOC or Schumer, but not Trump or anybody like him! What does she have to say that is so important? I think she’s being childish, a snob, a cad? I did not watch womens soccer before, but with people like her on the team why should I watch? People like her selfishly damage their sport. ( like Kappernick!) If President Obama invited me, a citizen, to the White House I’d go. If he asked me about his policies or his racist behavior I would tell him what I thought. But I don’t think policy considerations or moral conversation is why she would be invited. It makes perfectly good sense for people to be kind when kindness is offered, maybe her message is excluding reasonable and kind people?

After writing the above, I looked her up on Google! She’s gay! You probably knew that, I did not. This all makes better sense now. She, like many liberals, probably thinks Trump is homophobic and bigoted, and anybody who voted for him is guilty by association. She probably thinks by going to the White House he will somehow rub off on her! God forbid he touch her!

What a blustering cow! I find this insulting, I mean Rapinoe’s threats and aggressive demands! Does she expect to break Trump’s spirit by not going to the White House? Does she think foul language, stern manners, and deep hatred suits her cause? Surely hatred and cruelty are more evil than lust, but I don’t believe even Trump would single out unnatural sins for special reprobation! And soccer to my knowlege is not wholly dominated by social struggle. Rendering the impluse to hate makes for division and the speedy abandonment of friendships. Most of society does not share a fashionable lust for her vice. But it does not mean we all feel a certain nausea towards homosexuality and gay people. (A feeling of sickness with an inclination to vomit can come just as likely from gallbladder disease). The upward path to love extends beyond the hypocrisy of comparing evils; but Trump is far more tolerable than her fawning hatred and her bourgeois vulgarities.

She and I both think people learn much by imitation. But she has forgotten we could all do better by entering a society of courteous people. In fact, she would do better by washing Trumps feet (as Christ did and we all should) than stammering to contradict her many blessings.

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