What Progressive Really Means

What is it to be a Progressive?  To me they are people with good but misdirected intentions and utopian ideals.

I used to think Utopia was the jargon of science fiction or more like a fairytale; a harmless intention of the imagination, but I was wrong. Peter Hitchens the British Journalist recently described the Utopian reality as something “that can only be approached over a sea of blood, and you never arrive.” And he said if you know your history all attempts at Utopian societies have in fact failed. I think this is partly true because they believe that Kings, social justice warriors,  and reconstructionists are solely accountable to mankind. And partly because they believe in what Hitchens and I call “Selfism.” These folks are too dim to understand the benefits of the ordered society they currently enjoy and too autonomous in their thinking to believe it’s not just your body, there is a baby inside, you cannot do with it whatever you want. Such progressives are schizophrenic. They wish to be both self governed and have community assigned limits over the rest of us. They want individual powers and authoritarian limits defined by the needs of the ‘community’ as embodied by the state.

Christianity takes a different path. To Christians, law (God’s law) is above all human power and the whole of christian thought is not to reform society but to reform the individual soul. Reform the individual soul and society will simply be better off. It takes a different way of thinking to understand this. The progressove left believes the endless interventions of an all powerful government will lead us to a moral utopian society. This is just not the case.

We have seen that the left (combine the progressive “left” with the loudest atheists, radicals, and unbelievers) in reality only obey the law when it suits them. This is perfectly plain to see in our present society. People only obey the temporal law when it is enforced. This is because people are flawed and they can be nothing else but flawed, or flawed and forgiven; and only Christ can forgive us. Immanuel Kant said, “Out of the crooked timber of humanity, no straight thing was ever made,” and he was right, this is why Christ came. This is what I firmly believe.

Further, the whole point of Christian law is to obey it if only God is watching. But the whole of Utopian law is to administer justice according to what the mob consents to, then crush all decent.

But I can hear some of you saying to have “progress” is to be progressive!  “Things are better today than they were a hundred years ago, right?” Here I must ask is it progress for liberal parents to oppose the spanking of children and feed them mind numbing drugs like Ridilin instead? Is it progress to stop funding the police and have crime and murders soar instead? Is it progress to own several cars, support a coal burning plant to power your Apple cell phone, own 22 pairs of shoes, and have Facebook to search out children to exploit?

Progress to many means they “like” more of the things that are happening today than they used to. If you say things are changing I’ll agree to that. But are they changing for the good? This is debatable! Things therefore are not necessarily better if we cease to be cruel in one way and become more so in another, that’s not progress. To the progressive the goal is not simply medical and scientific progress, but they also wish to slide the scales in favor of unlimited personal indulgence. Some say, “I’m fiscally conservative and socially liberal.” This idealism is not necessarily good, as good is often the sister of evil. Look at divorce, this is a socially acceptable norn these days. The progressive left pushed for the “freedom” to divorce your spouse for no particular fault. What a disaster that created for society, but it is not even remotely argued against today. Even the church bought into the evil of it. Was this progress? Is the indescriminate killing of babies in the womb progress? Is trying out several boyfriends or girlfriends before marriage progress? The appeal of the progressive left is always to rid ourselves of the hornets nest by burning down the house. This happened with Covid for sure.

I could go on and on but for those of you who “think” I believe you might be getting bored, and for those of you who are progressives, you are likely getting steamed, so I’ll  stop. But I’ll leave you with this thought. The deep dive into truth is often the most frightening, but also the most enlightening. Take the time to consider what “progressive” really means. The jump off that train might hurt a little, but i believe you’ll be happier if you do!

The Big Scare is Over for me!

What a joy it has been for us this past week. At the height of the craziness we had friends from Las Vegas come visit us. Yes, we broke all the social distancing rules! And we broke the Govenors lockdown rules, before he reluctantly lifted them.

You see, my friend Jim has prostate cancer and his wife is a quite famous Las Vegas singer/entertainer. Jim was about to start radiation treatment and like the rest of us he was cooped up and going stir crazy. After a visit with his doctor, permission was granted him to take a little break before his radiation treatment begins, and he called me to see if he and his wife could come visit us for a while.

Well, it took me about three seconds to think it through. What if I had it? What if he had it? What if he gets it on the way here? It was a thousand mile drive, surely he would meet somebody with it or touch something incubating the dreaded Corona Virus. But my thoughts were short lived. In fact, I murdered them. “Of course Jimmy,” I said, “you and Genevieve are more than welcome to come stay with us, to hell with the virus and the lockdown, you have cancer and God’s in charge!” We both laughed!

Most people will not agree with me, and many of you reading this will be angry with me for “putting others at risk.” Some, by knowing the circumstances may give me a pass, but others will likely try to shame me for my stupidity; in other words, for my lack of conformity.

Let me say what I have said before, “this virus is more about scaring people and government control than it is about real danger,” at least for most of the population. If you have a brain at all you can see in hindsight the actions we are taking against it are gravely out of proportion and are destroying the lives of thousands and the prosperity and health of millions. 

I feel like I’m in a nightmare and I’m screaming “They are lying to you, and I yell louder and louder, wake up sheeple!” The Cults of State, Science, Media, and Politics, are led not by the best and the brightest, but by the followers of demons, greed, power, and lies. Yes, there are some sane and righteous voices, but the leftist, radical, elitist crowd led by the prince of this world, Satan, are drowning the rest of us out! None of these are a bit concerned for the poorest line cook or cashier who can’t make their rent or pay their bills, heck they hardly care for the old people in hospices, they only seem concerned that their deaths be labeled Covid 19. They only want Trump out and themselves in. They are certainly not sympathetic toward my buddy Jim taking a break before the greatest challenge of his life. The guy has a pacemaker and cancer for God’s sake! How does locking him down help him? How much further will their power hungry, greedy, self centered, aspirations go? And don’t give me the line that this epidemic is worse than the flu! The numbers don’t actually bear that out, yet! I’m still watching Sweden, I think they might be the winner in the end. But if I’m wrong, and I could be about some of it, it’s still true that more than half the world’s population have been scared into submission. Even my guy Trump has no way out of this, they led him down primrose street and would destroy him if he changed course suddenly. I think he has finally seen the folly of following these so called “scientists” and their fake projections. He wisely gave the responsibility back to the govenors and is letting them squirm and flail like slaughtered chickens. I fear you, not me, will face months of their lunacy, and we together will forever lose freedoms we all cannot even imagine.

I think some believe this is just a big extended holiday. The ones with big bank accounts and “work at home” orders that is. The ones who wear masks and look at you with evil eyes if you don’t. And don’t tell me working from home is more productive. Permanently free to work from home means permanently poorer in my book.

I very much fear, and somewhat hope, that millions will simply cease to obey the facist totalitarian rules which no longer make sense. Luckily, Montana has pretty much averted the pandemic and we did not have to bear arms just to eat lunch. The people here wisely disputed long ago that living in populated, drug infested, crime ridden, virus incubators, governed by liberal Democrats is a good idea. We are free in Montana, at least I am. I never felt threatened by goofy government officials. I was free (but encouraged otherwise) not to invite my friends to love on them. I chose freedom, and so did they. We laughed, sang, and prayed together. We went on hikes, ate pizza and pastries, even eventually got to drink a beer, eat out, and yes, sit down inside at our favorite restaurant. “The Big Scare” is over for us.

“We will not live in your fear!”

Bob Graham

Our friends left us today and they have left us better people. If you are a “not at risk person,” I encourage you to invite some friends over, take a risk. CNN and the Democrat party has lost its fight with us, we know your game. Howl all you wish Don Lemon, whine all you can Nancy Pelosi, threaten and tell us we are deplorable, but we do not trust you. We trust in God, we love our neighbors, and we will not live in your fear!

P.s. Pray for my brother in Christ Jimmy and his lovely wife Genevieve, that their days ahead will be filled with joy.

Blood Moon

Dialogue in the Darkness

“What would you do boss?” said the minion.

“Convince them our government system is superior to their way,” replied  the “bête noire (the black beast).”

“You mean after two hundred years of following the le dieu d’origine éternelle (the god of eternal origin) they will now, out of the blue, chose to become imprisoned and destroyed like millions before them in socialist systems, and with you at the controls; like the wizard Oz pulling the levers! Glorious!” cried the minion. “

“That’s the goal, isn’t it! ” Interrupted the Prince of Darkness. “Did I not say, “I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.”

The boorish minion uttered sheepishly, “But for centuries this nation had central to its form of government a Christian heritage, a capitalist system,  Will they give it up easily? I think not!”

Furious, the bête noire rejoined, “We’re winning, you little runt! Have you not noticed the alternatives have become few? Their leaders have become foul like us. Hatred and mocking have become a sport, they will soon give up, I’m sure of it!” There is no peace, no civility, our people have been doing a great job day after night in the media of shutting down the originator’s message. We are fortunate their politicians have turned to dishonest gain, bribes, and perverted justice. Remember way back when Samuel appointed his creepy sons Joel and Abijah to become judges over Israel, we worked hard on them and we turned them! They now shovel coal in the furnace division. Then the people decided that they wanted a King, fools they were, they had one, the Big guy hinself, they tired of hearing stories of old and could no longer see him, they became blind. Our plan worked then it will work again, we made crooked their leaders, they did not walk in the ways of the righteous, I think we’re winning the messaging wars again! Now is our time!”

“Boy, oh boy! That will surely discourage and displease the faithful servant and he might just give us what we want! But he is stubborn. If we can only get him to imagine the people have rejected him it will discourage him, and also our enemy!” said the fickle minion.

“The people cannot serve their leader if they forsake and serve other gods. It’s their law,” said the Prince of Darkness. “We have learned their head will warn them of their impending doom, if not he, his faithful servant will, the faithful always do.”

“Yes, but if they falter?” replied the “bête noire, ” If we can finally reign over them, we can make evil our work again and prosper in their nation. We have come so far, we must press on. Just imagine, we can position the lesser ones into our wars and let them run the front lines before our operatives; we can have them do our plowing and reap the harvest. They can further make for us new technologies and social media schemes to equip our mission. We have already taken the best of their companies and institutions and given them to our servants; oh yes, yes, only the best must we take from them to use for our work, the meek we have no interest in! Then we shall tax them beyond what they can pay and bring them into submission with elite socialist values, everybody loves celebrity. Our moral education campaigns will need to be more forcefully imposed and the inequalities of a capitalist society exposed. A special unit embedded in the Democrat party are well on there way with this one. This restructuring of socioeconomic order is critical to creating the necessary idealistic and democratic rule. Our intentionality must not be exposed, it must be seen as freedom and progressive accomplishment for the people. Surely, in the end, they will cry out to their God. But he will not answer them because they will have chosen us over Him. They will become like the other weakened nations. And then you the bête noire can take your throne.”

“What a plan.” said the minion! “When can we meet again?”

I hope you enjoyed this little scene from the dark corners of my mind. Of course, this is all fiction with hints prophetic truth and historical facts. I hope it will it make you think. Ask yourself this one question, what imaginable dark dialogue about our current culture and our current state of political affairs is playing out in reality?

Mundane Thoughts

I’ve given up the sublunary world of Facebook! While I do enjoy keeping up with old friends and seeing photos of babies, food, and events, it is also important for me to think and encourage others! In a days time I found hours could be wasted just scrolling Facebook to relieve boredom. Do you feel the same way? I’ll stay connected but I’ll no longer be posting things. I’ve gone a month now without posting anything original, and it’s made me happier. The worldly and mostly silly political affairs of the present contrasted with dreamy reflections of the external has made the transition easier. It’s not the restraint that has made me happier, but the time I’ve gained by not checking and responding to the hysterical, comic, and mostly lame comments on my posts. Just too many disagreeable posts showed up. Then of course there was always the angry hater who mistreated my every word.

Surly a blog will not solve all these pleasure-less experiences, it may however help me better control my own behavior, improve my language skills, and facilitate a gratifying control of the narrative; not many posts I see on Facebook I find attractive.

The public space, has own its own set of problems that I may soon find unattractive as well. But for now I’ll give it a try. The commonplace and mundane narrative of worldly interests I find prevalent on Facebook are secondary to my interests in spiritual things. I hope to proclaim, at least for a season, unearthly howls and supernatural intuitions on matters dear to me, some purely fiction, some allegorical.

I hope you will bookmark my site and join me in this simple-minded yet adventurous journey in chivalrous courtship and heavenly romance. If you become bored you can always check your Facebook page.