Hate Speech

I’m seeing more and more articles on the regulation of hate speech. At first glance this sounds great. They say, “Let’s stop threatening speech that advocates violence and stop speech that “attacks a person or a group on the basis of protected attributes such as race, religion, ethnic origin, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity.” Who would be against that, right? Just be careful about what you wish for!

I have always advocated for freedom of speech and dignified language, it was engrained in me as a child; I have never been one for swearing and I will not not hate you for being gay nor for saying racist or bigoted words about others. Sure, I’m often offended by jerks who do so (I will call you a jerk, as I expect you would do the same for me for such behavior) I’ll be offended about as much as I am of those who use use foul language, mock others, and blow smoke while I’m eating and I cannot get away. I’ll probably even “say” something about your language or rhetoric, beware!

Do you hate gay people? Jews? Christian’s? Blacks? How about Russions or Republicans? How about your neighbor? In the same way that I cannot make any of these believe in Christ, I also cannot stop you from swearing, and making bigoted, hateful comments about others. (In the old days I may have tried by knocking your lights out, but that’s forbidden today, and rightfully so.)

I believe in freedom, the right to express opinions that suck. I reluctantly think that so long as you don’t physically harm others, you should have the freedom to be a jackass and hang out with jackasses, even organize and march as jackasses (KKK and certain Gay Pride Parades qualify) Governments and corporations have never stopped sin or sinners, why they think they can do it these days is silly.

I also believe it is within our own hearts to reject and stick up for those who cannot help themselves. We are to believe what is right, just, and true; we find these things in scripture and in our souls, not in opinion polls.

Currently we live in a liberal nanny state. Have you stopped teaching our children that, “Sticks and stones may break my bones. But names will never hurt me?” Then you might be a liberal controlled by the lady in the house.

We are letting Facebook and Google and a host of corporations determine what is proper and acceptable speech. For instance, Facebook has recently agreed to share data considered as “hate speech” with French courts. YouTube banned a holocaust denier but leaves up thousands of UFO and wacky climate change activist websites that say “aborting children women will help save the planet.” I’d call that advocating violence, not just idealistic words. And this one takes the cake, a knitting website just banned posts supporting the Trump administration. Now the UN is “introducing a new “Action Plan” to combat hate speech.” This hyper idealistic, altruistic, and profit motivated shaming of ones personal beliefs is destroying the social fabric of all judeo christian nations and giving more power to the globalists. This is exactly what Hitler did, he regulated what people were to believe about others and punished them for believing otherwise: This is evil! We, I believe, have slipped and fallen down the slippery slope. The phenomenon is not that hate speech is on the rise. The phenomenon is that we have let others take away our freedom of speech. We are letting others tell us what to believe and how we should speak. Let the crazies speak, if we are loving we will see them for who they are. But I see their goal as to ban us politically and to ban our Christian faith (satan uses people as tools). They have already labled us intolerant, homophobic, and bigoted. Their next step is to ruin the lives of all who believe differently than they do. AI data bases will separate the wheat from the chaff and a permanate “mark” of fate will keep us all in line (they foolishly hope). At some point we may even be hung on crosses, sounds familiar right?

The world’s rules are inconsistent, and constantly changing. The good news is God’s rules never change, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself.” This is true freedom, in Him we have nothing to fear!

2 thoughts on “Hate Speech

  1. Mom

    Amen! James 5:13-19 Prayer works and we are all sinners! I don’t know Trump’s heart, but just hearing him refer to God is refreshing. It’s gives hope to a struggling nation. I pray it will give hope to many, and hearts will change. LU


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