Dirty Old Hat

I love this old hat

It is intellectual snobery to think when one man’s faith is thrown out Christianity itself is discredited. One must first ask, “why did he toss it away?”

One argument, the one I am making, is that true faith does not die as fashions do and faith does not go away when it gets old. I will admit we humans can have illusions of what faith is supposed to look like, even have rationalizations as to what one is supposed to believe. But for these Christianity is typically nothing more than an aesthetic experience; an idealistic view of their god preceived, something like wearing a fresh new hat. Not to belittle people with such wants and experiences, but Christianity can be viewed as valuable to these “believers,” that is, until it becomes convenient to believe otherwise. (This appears to be the case in point with the purity guy recently in the news. And notice how much “fun” the left is having with it!) Do remember, for thirty pieces of silver Judas betrayed Christ, it made no sense then either. Imagine what the New York Times would do with that story!

Still, haven’t we seen this too often? I believe there is a willful blindness for disgarding absolute truth. Elasticity and appearances, for some, are much more appealing and while their emotions certainly can be “religious,” we must also understand the biblical effect of a faith planted on rocky soil and the effect of a scorching sun, or choking thorns.

The bottom line, it has become popular, even cool, to denounce ones faith, embrace Atheism, become a “None,” and conform to a godless world. The pagan world loves it when it happens too! But these reasons, as I see them, are mere excuses; a desire for something fresh, or more likely, a hardened heart seeking something other than worshiping God. To reframe a popular C.S. Lewis quote, it has become much more important for them to believe Christianity is false than for any to reach heaven!

You might have guessed I believe in the gospel of Christ, and it would be more than astonishing for me to disregard my belief in Christ on subjective grounds, or to think my faith was simply a fashionable event that I could abandon like a modern marriage or a dirty old hat. (To illustrate, I still have quite a few dirty old hats).

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