“My Pillow”

One might say I’m more of a radical, than a rebel. Before our retirement tour began, I ate my first Chick-Fil-A sandwich, bought President Trump’s MAGA hat, and got one of Mike Lindell’s “My Pillow’s” for our retirement tour. Sure, I could have brought my luxurious down pillow, bought a Glacier Park hat, or tried some hipster cauliflower rice, kabobs, or anything sriracha instead of a yummy spicy Chick-Fil-A chichen sandwich.

My Pillow

If you’re not aware, Trump, Christians, and even companies, like Mike Lindell’s “My Pillow,” are getting all sort of liberal hate these days. So my inner, radical, self said, “You gotta do this Bob! You need to ruffle some feathers if only to support contrary and righteous ideoligies!” The secular left, especially the media, goes bananas when they think of such things; as if exercising the power of thought is really what they do? I needed to fight back, I needed to do this!

If you are logical and right minded, you may have your own opinions about trumps MAGA hat or the flavor of a Spicy chicken sandwich, and that’s ok, but not all of you own a “My Pillow” so I thought I’d write someting about it as it has a role in our trip.

Sure I bought the pillow because “I’m a bit of a radical too: And, I like the fact that Mike wears a cross in his commercials, that he is a bold advocate of President Trump’s economic policies, and Mike makes no apologies for his success and his Christian faith. I think I paid $34 for his pillow! That is pretty radical, right!

Now about the pillow! Unsurprisingly it is lighter and feels less substantial than even a low end Walmart brand. The outer fabric is not as soft as many comparatively priced and more expensive down pillows, it actually feels cheap to the touch! So much for “Christianity” and truthfulness right! Wrong! In my opinion, Mike’s pillow performs as advertised. He uses some form of proprietary fill (I did not tear mine apart to see what it is), I can feel some sort of small foam chunks inside. The chunks don’t bother me nor do they create some sort of irritation, they just exist and tend to wrap themselves around my head. I added a nice pillow case to solve the fabric issue. When I lay my head on the pillow it does not compress all the way down (as advertised). It’s quite cushy and it supports my head perfectly, I’m actually liking “My Pillow,” I like it for reading, and lying on my side and back. In truth I’m a three or more pillow guy and also own a luxurious down pillow to compliment this “My Pillow,” but for this trip I left (forgot) my down pillow at home and “My Pillow” is performing well.

So, setting politics and religion aside, as we should with pillows, hats, and chicken, Mike Lindell’s “My Pillow” is a great, tough, and comfortable pillow for van life as well as my own bed in Montana. So there you have it, religion, politics, and pillows in a 1961 Metro van.

Well, wasn’t that interesting!

One thought on ““My Pillow”

  1. jamesdeweyburnett

    That is absolutely wonderful to hear Bob! I’ve been kicking around the pillow thing trying to decide if I should buy it or not. Fortunately I did not forget my comfy pillow when we left. Maybe then I would have been forced. I do like the chick breakfast sandwiches as well as the lunch. If you haven’t tried you should maybe consider it. My bride is not keen on either of them. And her pillow is like sleeping on a piece of cardboard. Oh well to each there own. Haven’t seen a chick-fil-A down here, only a in&out restaurant that people say is great. Maybe I’ll try it before we head back to illinoid. Safe travels


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