The “Friends and Family” leg of our journey.

Many of you have privately asked, “Where are you?” Well, no worries, I have not lost my mind, returned home, or decided to stop blogging about our retirement tour: our retirement tour has not ended! In fact, our old van has performed marvelously (We did need to get the power steering bracket re welded by Mex Muffer’s in Madison, and I did remove the vacuum advance, and adjusted the timing to get better gas mileage, we are now getting a whopping 11.7 my last fillup, which beats 8 mpg.) Considering her age and ours, our journey together has only begun.

We have been visiting friends and family these past couple weeks and although we have experienced much, I am finding writing is more difficult without a hostile adversary like -40° temps and crosswinds that can kill me. It’s not that friend’s and family experiences are boring, it’s more like inscribing facts without purpose or growing trees without branches.

So, without boisterous embellishments I’ll do my best to not bore you. Refreshing our memories, I last wrote about reuniting with my bride in Wisconsin. Since then, together, we spent a few more days with Jackie’s mom, training her devil dog “Blue,” visiting her brother, our nephew, and a few friends of Jackie’s from long ago.

More interesting for you all may be photos including a shipyard visit to see my brother in laws yacht, a cheeze curds and bacon pizza, and a family antique.

Dry docked for the winter, her brother is polishing the hull of his new boat.

Cheese Curds and Bacon Pizza – Only in Wisconsin!

The clock by our bed at her mon’s house! Priceless!

And then there is Blue!

Blue, the “devil dog.” Not really! She’s just a bit undisciplined and likes to snap at people. But with a little training he learned to be very sweet.

From our visit with mom we drove to Madison to see our son. He’s doing well and we enjoyed being with him immensely.

Our Son!
With Baxter we visited Cave of the Mounds
Brew Kettles at New Glaris Brewery
The old opera house in Stoughton WI.
The Mustard Museum in Middleton WI. And they had tastings! Actually it was very interesting.
Friends Bob and Linda, great food!

After a much too short visit, we headed south in search of more friends and warm weather. We first visited my sister and family in Glen Ellyn Il., then drove to the hospitality of Gary and Karen, Duane and Kay, and Rick and Kathy, all friends and folks we have not seen in a long time.

Karen and Gary presented us with a feast!
Duane and Kay his very lovely wife. I played college football with Duane.
Kathy and “Mr. Goodlooking,” Rick.

Our visits were too short and our experiences personal, fun, and blessed.

We are once again on the road doing the retirement tour. We left our friends Rick and Kathy Sunday and have arrived at Cumberland Falls State Park in Kentucky. We found an available campsite and hiked trail #6 to the falls. The falls are spectacular and the hike helped work off the piles of good food we consumed with friends along the way. If you ever do what we are doing, be prepared to eat and stretch pants a must.

Cumberland Falls
Fourwheelin with the Franklins’s
Great food from the “Breadsmith” in St Louis. Duane and Kay own it, a must stop!
Great fellowship at Camp Nathanael in Emmelena KY

Fried bologna sandwich at Gracie’s in Maryville TN
Little River KOA in Townsend TN

We are now, today, in Townsend Tennessee. The best part about traveling is seeing friends, good food, and different cultures. So far this trip is scoring big on all accounts. I to hope bore you less in future posts!

3 thoughts on “The “Friends and Family” leg of our journey.

  1. Nancy

    So good to hear of your adventures! Hope you will keep them coming and be safe along the way. Your grandfather tried to feed a black bear in the mountains! I have a photo to prove it! Enjoy your trip & keep posting! Love you, Mom


  2. jamesdeweyburnett

    Good to know you made it out of illinoid without getting taxed. We are down in AZ, in the hot tub talking with some peeps from Montana, and I asked if they have ever heard of polebridge. One did but not the other.

    Liked by 1 person

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