To Fargo I Go!

On the road again

After my drive through Montana, reading about my trip from Glendive to Fargo could be considered a disappointment. The drive to Fargo is all four lane highway, a very good one in fact. So, after bouncing my way along narrow roads to Glendive Montana I was ready for the freedom to take my eyes of the road now and again.

Four lane Hwy 94 east of Glendive

The first one hundred miles or so is comparably very beautiful. The terrain is similar to South Dakota’s Badlands, but different. It’s almost moonscaped. There is also The Theodore Roosevelt National Park on the west end of Hwy 94 in South Dakota. I did not visit the park, but it looks very interesting. I’ll see it someday for sure!

Outside Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Eventually I passed through flatter terrain and one of the most productive oil reserves in our country called the Bakken formation. Williston and the Dickinson area produce the most oil and there are billions of barrels left to us by God. Just a little further east several wind farms spring up polluting the skyline. I personally think oil rigs are less visually oppressive. Yet, my libertarian side says, “if both are on private land, I have no say, just opinions.”

One Opinion
Another Opinion

I did get a little sleepy along the route. I took a 5 minute nap and picked up some Mountain dew. See video.


Some have asked how Ania, our 115 lb Polish Tatra dog is doing. I asked her myself, but I got no response. She’s not being rude, she just can’t speak human. My impression is she’s quite happy: With the change of scenery and all the new smells I think she’s reflecting suggestive happiness. On the North Fork, where I live, the land is pristine. A few animals and guests who visit us are all she has to sniff. Conversely, every rest stop has a smorgasbord of droppings and discharges for her inquiry. You asked!

Our hairball!

Well, anyway, my trip across North Dakota was certainly not as exciting as waiting to hear if I froze to death or launched my van into a deep ravine, but based on the great quality of the road itself it was a nice drive. I’m now settled into a pet friendly, Red Roof Inn, resting comfortably. Tomorrow, Brainerd, MN to see great friends who have a cabin a couple miles from us in Polebridge. I’ll skip that post, unless the van slides off a bridge into the mississppi river or someting of the sort. Later…..

2 thoughts on “To Fargo I Go!

  1. Mark Martillaro

    Bob – I was in Williston a few weeks ago. Some of my best customers reside there. LOL. Google pictures of Williston at night from a sattalite , it looks like Chicago or New York. Safe travels.


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