Progressive “Christianity”

It’s complex, but progressive Christianity is in general a false religious system. It centers around not Christ, but around sinful practices. It is a culturally acceptable rebellion against traditional, and dare I say biblical, truths. It twists scripture and forthrightly denies all teachings it disagrees with. It uses Christianity as it’s platform, and sinful behavior as its center. “Believers” use Christ because His teachings on the poor, love, and general kindness “fits” the liberal narrative. It’s just a hustle, not a grace by faith thing!

You will also find a strong political bent to this perversion. It centrally consists of 99.9% activist Democrats who agree with such positions as abortion, homosexuality and all LGBT “rights.” It is anti hell, does not believe in absolutes, and of course it’s anti Trump, anti Pence, anti Franklin Graham, anti all great preachers and teachings of the past. It’s about the future; social justice, love, unity, spirituality, diversity, and the environment, sounds familiar right? There is even a website set up that directly states its purpose is for progressive Christians is to “Resist and Pray.” Resist against Trump and pray to the god who agrees with their lifestyle and views. CNN just today 1/25/19 published one of its posts, that should tell you something about the movement. Obviously, the emphasis is on resist and reconstruction, for by opposing traditional Christianity new liberal social constructs and sinful convention’s can blossom (see:

The complex part about progressive Christianity is that some of these people have made a sincere profession of faith in Jesus Christ and are seriously committed to know Him better. Their issue is not sincerity, but rather their lack of knowledge about biblical truth. Young believers have always had this issue, I did! They look around them and see a kind of Christianity that “fits” them and they are attracted by it. They associate with others who agree with them, they get together for coffee, love the music, and learn just enough biblical verses to support their beliefs. Often their parents religion was just too traditional, or their parents never really took their own faith seriously. Or likewise, they used their faith for gain or “fundamental” acceptance of their own views on issues like skirt lengths.

I realize I’ve blasted this movement (rightfully so), but I could also do the same for many other religious and quasi religious movements. Fundamentalism in many forms, the health and wealth gospels, many charismatic and traditional denominations like the United Methodist Church have serious errors in what they believe and teach. The issue always comes down to what we believe and why we believe it. Just remember if you believe anything about Christianity that departs from the teachings of the bible your beliefs are only a construct of your own mind or culture.

So I recommend you regularly read your bible and pray. God is fully capable of teaching you His truths. I have been doing this for more than 40 years. I’ve grown a lot. I’ve changed my views on many issues and I have become more loving, more kind, more knowledgeable. Above all this I have more joy, and Christ has my heart.

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