Public Opinion – Bad

It’s more than amusing, it’s odd that people construct notions of acceptability on grounds of public opinion. In fact, public opinions are managed by ideologues and most people are coerced into believing their dogma. At this point we, as a society, are constrained by this moral force formally called “public opinion.” The oddity, for me, comes from the departure from truth and the desire to create these new, progressive, thought bubbles. Ideas like gender identity protections are nothing more than cultural re-assignments away from eternal standard’s. This “new” purpose is based on perceptions, notions, inclinations, not truth. And sadly, that “purpose,” gender reassignment law, is more about power and politics, more about appetite than science. Still, these notions, no matter how popular, are destined for extinction because all true moral law is eternal; the trustworthiness of God’s laws, true morality, is written in our hearts; it cannot be changed, only perverted. There are no “new” truths created by the veracity of the opinion, there are just new ways of expressing outrage to common sins and God’s standards.

Remember, sin in a biblical context, is “missing the mark.” The target is the goal, the standard, the norm. Opinions can not make changes to the boundries of the eternal target. Fidelity to the original differs from a self-evident proposition of human reason. In other words, indiscernable truths are not justifications for new standards.

In this fast paced society, “change” is cloaked in the desire to depart from God’s standards, and it is happening at a record pace. I’ve lived long and I call this desire a societal constraint on freedom; the creation of new laws for the preceived protection of certain classes, races, and thoughts are not helping but rather harming society.

Yes, we need change. We need to return to the freedom’s inherent in biblical law and common to all people. Thou shall not steal, lie, or murder are easy examples. Honor your mother and father, another. Of course, then, there is that really hard one, seldon taught in public schools, “love thy neighbor as thyself.” I believe we would be better off returning to laws of God and the standards of our constitution which have served us well. The past is not so bad!

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