The Imperfect Donald J. Trump

There is an imaginary creature present in Christianity that has troubled me all my life! He is the ideological “perfect” bogeyman. The creature who crawls out from under my bed at night to scare me into ecumenical perfection, or at least that is his intent. But, sadly, this is not an imaginary creature. He is the Christian who insists I need to be free or as free as possible from all my flaws to be used of God! This so called “friend” is the one who says of my behavior, “you are not acting like a mature Christian” and focuses on my every fault, not on how far I have come. The spooky thing about this creature is that I too played the bogeyman as a young believer. I was not a mature Christian, but I was a zealot. I assulted every bad behavior in my friends and family as if they should be aspiring Archbishops. Thank God I no longer have these nightmares.

The bogeymen I find scary today are those who call themselves Christians and sleep with bogeymen. They are always happy (not to say Christian’s should be unhappy). You may know these I’m writing about. They have the same bubbly dispositions as Moody radio hosts or NPR broadcasters who in perfect monotone voice fake their superiority to entice us to accept cultural longings over scripture. These are the kind who seem to live in the perfect home, go to the perfect Church, and usually have a lot more money than you do! They are often the executives who end up as board members or wives of church elders because of their status in their communities not for their godliness. They are the kind who look down on your youth. They say your immoral words and indiscrete behavior tells them you are no good, you are not good enough to go to college or be President! I suspect they would even say you are not good enough to be a plumber in some cases! They confuse your position in life with one’s position in the church where “beyond reproach” matters much more. So what happens if you are just a jock, a landscaper, a middle manager or even an ambitious rich guy trying your best to do right by God? Are you disqualified from living or just in need of sanctifying redemption? In our cancel culture some Christians have been quick to judge and slow to question the accusations against you and President Trump. In my opinion the accusations are little more than subjective opinions, yet, whether these accusations have merit or not, they are being used to rid Christianity of sinners before the cross and the embarrassing Donald Trump from being President, all to protect God’s good name. How arrogant!

If you have not guessed this is my response to the irrational and biblically ignorant opinion piece in the recent Christianity Today article which calls for the impeachment and removal of President Trump!

Let’s face it, some Christian’s don’t trust people unlike themselves; unlike their tribe or the teachings of a particular church, parish, pastor or Pope. Distrust goes beyond politics!

The article, and those who agree with its premise, say, “Christian’s justify President Trump’s bad behavior to the unbelieving world by supporting him.” This mismatched truth holds true if Trump were aspiring to Church leadership or that Archbishop job, but I’ve (surprisingly) not heard him being accused of that! He is our duly elected President and if they did not know already, the grace and redemptive work of God works in imperfect people (I could say the same for Obama).

Regarding government, remember the blessings we derive from Christ are spiritual. The kingdom of God does not consist separately in the wishes of democrats or republicans. Neither does freedom in Christ exist in Christian’s and not civil government. In other words whether we live under the civil laws of God or secular man we still have freedom in Christ. Freedom to worship Him exists no matter who leads our country. Therefore it does not justify us to suppose that President Trump is a polluted human and we should have nothing to do with him. With little justification for impeachment other than an insane eagerness for hurt and revenge, both ignorant pagans and Christians persist with implacable obstanacy, even for the ruin of their false adversary! How Christian is this? They use and support judicial proceedings as a defence of their own perverse conduct. That’s impeachable!

As for me I have personally drawn and quartered the bogeyman under my bed by understanding God’s ways are higher than my ways, and the realization that even people as imperfect as myself and President Trump can be used of God! He has millions of people praying for him, I’m one of them! President Trump is the elected and duly “ordained guardian and vindicator of public innocence, modesty, honor, and tranquility. He, as president, gives aid and protection to the oppressed, he arms with power our military to curb manifest evil-doers and criminals, by whose misconduct the public tranquility is disturbed or harassed.” He feeds the poor with economic policies and restrains licentous behavior with judicial judgements. He avenges the afflictions of the pious at the command of God! All in obedience to the authority of God! This is the role of government, for all mankind for all leaders. If he, like others, is guilty of anything it is that presidents do more than what God asks of them. Chase the monsters away and look for the works of God! Praying for authorities over us is biblical.

So your question is this—which party, which coalition, which collection of leaders and influencers will uphold God’s design for government?” The answer is obvious! The imperfect Donald J. Trump!

Is Your Life Grim and Meaningless, soon to be Forgotten?

Who remembers this guy?

In terms of history none of what I say or do is very important. In fact, the mad majority of us will be forgotten. Although I write a lot, when I’m gone they won’t find much about my life archived or otherwise (I feign from assuming anybody would even try, in a worldly sense my life has been quite insignicant). My political views, even my industrious accomplishments will be lost in the trash bin of history like it or not! Did you know ours was the first company to build screen doors with scenes in the bottom panel? Obscurity has already begun, all my competitors do it now and nobody will remember or care that I did it first. God forbid I suspect even my blog and Facebook posts will dissapear without reparations.

Nothing! I will be nothing but a blurb in history! Haha, right! But so too is your fate! Your life, if lived famously, could be at best a Classic movie that nobody watches 50 years from now. But more likely a film short will be made by your child or grandchildren (on an app of course), self published and “posted;” only to be lost forever by changes in “terms and conditions” or technology! When the Coup De Grâce comes (the death blow) I should be very lucky in a century or two to have so much as a readable headstone – “Loving Husband, Good Father, and Friend.” And should they dig me up 500 years in the future at best they may speculate that I was little more than a post modern human, circa 21st century; I doubt my casket clothes or Ironman Watch will make it to a museum; I hope they suspect I died smiling. To the historian will my educational degree matter? Sadly, I can hardly find squat about my playing football at Wisconsin in the 1970’s, not even a team photo exists online. I bought a brick to be placed in front of the stadium with my name on it for a fundraiser, how long will that last? Till the next re-construction project fundraiser I suspect. Will your work on quantum computing, artificial intelligence, or advanced broom pushing matter when you are little more than a pile of lime dust? Even “important people” suffer such a fate. Catherine Howard, Henry the VIII’s 5th wife, was buried beneath an unmarked grave stone under the altar in the Chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula. Upon examination they found only dust beneath her stone (probably a good thing, she was a beheaded queen).

Catherine burried under the altar. The rest of the “important people” get their grave markers walked on and worn out by tourists.

Face it, your secular future is pretty grim. If you think otherwise you have not visited a graveyard lately!

To be fairminded our lives today still matter. They matter to others; if only for a few generations. But listen up! Even if you are ok with dust in your future! Your unbelief does not negate the truth or purposes of God! There are both blessings and fearsome consequences beyond dust.

Still, with the above warning the popular cry is, “Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die!” For people in these parts we say, “Eat, hunt, fish, hike, vote, thin trees, and build things, for soon enough you’ll need to move to town! There is very little talk about eternity at potlucks.

God created us for reasons blessed and purposeful. We are objects of God’s purpose, we are called to service. Some believe that all should be able to live their lives in the manner they want, regardless of what other may think of them. This is the secular “Live and Let Live” idiom! It is a lie! Actually, we likely have many gifts assigned to us by heaven itself. These are given us for our own good, the good of others, and all for the glory of God. If we look inward we may observe both talents and thorns sown deep in our souls. Hence, for reasons and directions not always clear, we have purpose! But there is more! Every day is a day for opportunity! If we have the gifts of the Spirit by faith in Jesus our allocation may include opportunities for worship, sharing, or personal growth. Think of the opportunities to show kindness and mercy. When we do these things we do them for God’s eternal glory (purpose). Maybe this day is meant for growth in patience? All our trials, duties, and blessing are meant for eternity, not the ruins of legend or fiction. Face it, our earthly legacy will someday be dust, but our spiritual destiny is eternal. Do you remember Empress Matilda? How about Musa Keita I, “Emperor” of Ancient Mali? It is somewhere between ignorance and omniscience we live; none should regard themselves too highly, history will forget you! But with God’s eternal vision both our lives and our futures are not grim or meaningless, nor will we be forgotten.

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” … 

Eat Mo Beef!

Yep, I guess I’ll be eating more beef in the future! Of course I love your Chick Fil A spicy chicken sandwiches; except for the haters who bullied the company who doesn’t? But as of today I am expressing my displeasure with Chickens! Not the food of course, but the greedy, fearful, Chickens who gave in to the LGBTQ mob. In the bible, Phillipians, Paul thanks God and commends the elders and deacons of Phillipi for their “partnership in the gospel” and he prays that their love, knowledge, and discernment would abound so that they may “approve what is excellent.” This is still a good message today. What you Dan Cathy have forgotten (or have not learned) is that Paul’s imprisonment was for Christ’s sake; it was actually an encouragement to others. For when they saw Paul’s courage and boldness they too grew confident. “…most of the brothers, having become confident in the Lord by my imprisonment, are much more bold to speak the word without fear.” (Philippians 1:14, ESV)

I’m not saying the board of Chick Fil A should be imprisoned for supporting traditional marriage (although I’m sure some would love it). I’m saying when people or companies stand on biblical principles it matters to the rest of us. We are encouraged. We see by the hate of good things that our fight is righteous and the opposition embolden’s us to stand firm!

There will always be bullies, haters of God’s ways. But remember Christian’s are not to impose by force our values on others. (It is my understanding that the only wrong Chick Fil A did was to have an expressed value different than the haters.)

So I blame the company for fearing the bullies. I blame your board for schmoozing with idolatry and lust, all for financial gain. Yes, I’m dissapointed! This is more than the slow decay of biblical values that I am used to! You have capitulated! You have discouraged the weak and given them cause to fear! Your actions have emboldened the LGBTQ community to continue their campaign of squashing all discussion and dissent. Chick Fil A you are chickens! Paul would not have proudly written to you as he did to the Phillipians. You have given in to private equity, to worldly and evil forces, and you have denied good Christian organisations your philanthropic gifts. What’s next, going public and being open on Sunday’s?

Overdone LGBT Chicken

One day it will be impossible to criticize the fanatics of the LBGT community.

In fact, it is almost a cultural sin to do it today. The difference today vs the future is today we can only be spat on, lose our jobs, be banned from social media, or shamed on Twitter. Corporately the scheme is to harass employees, boycott, or create such a stir that the franchisee be denied a lease. So I suspect the day will come when all unbelievers will be prosecuted and jailed for dismissing this dogma and holding views that doubt them. Would-be Christians who hold biblical values and contend for traditional marriage and believe that natural sexual purity is good and right in the eyes of God, are the main targets of these radicals.

You do know I have friends in and supportive of the gay community whom I love and admire! That I have said God is working on all of us and sin is not exclusive to this community, in fact I believe, as one dear friend pointed out, too much social emphasis is put on this one issue. But inevitably just when I begin to become a mellow fellow on the subject, a sudden and irrational outbreak of the most stupid and nastiest fanatics of LGBT movement show their colors. Their intolerant zealotry is reminiscent of the dark age burning of witches and heretics emerges. It seems to bring them great joy to despise people who don’t subscribe to their behavior, their values. Sound familiar?

So what’s my beef? It has nothing to do with beef, it’s about the chicken! Chick-fill-A to be specific. The headling in a CNBC article read, “Chick-fil-A’s first UK location will close after pressure from LGBTQ rights group.” A British shopping center leasing the location said it will not extend the restaurant’s six-month lease because of pressure by a radical LGBT group, the BBC reported Friday. Fortunatly the company makes the best fast food chicken sandwiches on the planet and this incident will not stop them from delivering delicious sandwiches and “award winning” customer service to ALL who buy their food. But the message is clear, these radicals cannot tolerate different opinions on marriage. As you know the founder of the company, Dan Cathy, a long time ago made public comments opposing gay marriage, just as I am doing today!

I don’t own a business anymore and I’m not very influential, but if this blog goes viral, God forbid, I would expect to get a strong whiff of the fierce joy which comes from despising others. The tactics of these groups reminds me of the Age of Inquisitions.

I won’t try to argue here on the rightness or wrongness of one’s sexuality, I’ve done that in other writings. So don’t try to goad me into a fight about the causes or “rightness” of LGBT issues. I know from multiple experiences that supporters respond to reasonable doubt with fury and defamatory cries of “bigotry.”

You should rather look within. Thanks to the political and media class’s dim witted acceptance of shouted propaganda, and their rejection of reason, these LBGT radicals are continually damaging themselves and their acceptance by keeping the spotlight on their wacko tactics.

Whether you favor one side or the other, to reasonable folks, these sort of tactics do more harm than good. Pray tell us what is going on behind these self-satisfied, insensable expressions of hate? Seriously, it’s just Chicken and righteousness that I enjoy!

The best thinkers are not who you think!

I’m seldom surprised by the parroted thoughts of elite, highly educated people. They all seem to get their information from their peers or through mainstream sources. Even my friends, the ones I like best, seldom add much to the days story or significant events. If I see one post I’ll see a different version regurgitated again and again. I too find it challenging to not parrot someone I’ve heard or read, but I think hard and try not to. I just don’t have the gifts some do!

Today I was reminded that the people we least think likely to have anything thoughtful to say often surprise! Most of the time these are loggers, McDonald’s cashiers, carpenters, or the likes of less educated people who labor for a living. I’m not writing of people with means, but people who have big hearts. The guy who drives the old truck. He wears dirty jeans, work boots, and an old hat. He’s the guy who drinks Bud Light, not the newest IPA from the hip microbrewery. If you have a party he brings his own beer. He’s the guy you call when you need something done you don’t want to do. If you don’t know this guy you need to get out more often! I even met one in Hay On Wye in Wales. These people are so special it humbles me to think how stupid I must look to them, living in my starter castle and all. God has blessed many of them far more than He has me.

One guy, a friend of mine, today posted something on a random political piece. The kind of public political site where you would expect only highly educated, elite Oxford wannabes to show off their superiority. He came up with a comment that surely surprised us all. But the funny thing is it was “liked” by several people who I would describe as elitists, including myself in an educated, thoughtful way. It was a sharp comment, witty and funny at the same time, one I could never have originated in my pea sized brain.

My friend you probably know I’m writing about you, I’d put nothing past you. You are a joy to know, a friend I’d like to better know and hang out with. Please stop by sometime, you can add much to my life. I don’t have any Bud Lights, but I recently bought some Coors Light, that’s about as far down the beer pole I can dance.

Dirty Old Hat

I love this old hat

It is intellectual snobery to think when one man’s faith is thrown out Christianity itself is discredited. One must first ask, “why did he toss it away?”

One argument, the one I am making, is that true faith does not die as fashions do and faith does not go away when it gets old. I will admit we humans can have illusions of what faith is supposed to look like, even have rationalizations as to what one is supposed to believe. But for these Christianity is typically nothing more than an aesthetic experience; an idealistic view of their god preceived, something like wearing a fresh new hat. Not to belittle people with such wants and experiences, but Christianity can be viewed as valuable to these “believers,” that is, until it becomes convenient to believe otherwise. (This appears to be the case in point with the purity guy recently in the news. And notice how much “fun” the left is having with it!) Do remember, for thirty pieces of silver Judas betrayed Christ, it made no sense then either. Imagine what the New York Times would do with that story!

Still, haven’t we seen this too often? I believe there is a willful blindness for disgarding absolute truth. Elasticity and appearances, for some, are much more appealing and while their emotions certainly can be “religious,” we must also understand the biblical effect of a faith planted on rocky soil and the effect of a scorching sun, or choking thorns.

The bottom line, it has become popular, even cool, to denounce ones faith, embrace Atheism, become a “None,” and conform to a godless world. The pagan world loves it when it happens too! But these reasons, as I see them, are mere excuses; a desire for something fresh, or more likely, a hardened heart seeking something other than worshiping God. To reframe a popular C.S. Lewis quote, it has become much more important for them to believe Christianity is false than for any to reach heaven!

You might have guessed I believe in the gospel of Christ, and it would be more than astonishing for me to disregard my belief in Christ on subjective grounds, or to think my faith was simply a fashionable event that I could abandon like a modern marriage or a dirty old hat. (To illustrate, I still have quite a few dirty old hats).

Megan Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe, I guess she is pretty good at women’s soccer. I also guess she hates Trump and everybody who likes him (I have not followed the story and know little more than this about her). I saw that she, like so many, does not want to go to the White House, that going there “might somehow corrupt her message!” She says if asked, she will go to “have a real substantive conversation with anybody that believes in the same things she believes in.” So, in other words, anybody but the millions of people who supported Trump and Trump himself. She will talk to Pelosi or AOC or Schumer, but not Trump or anybody like him! What does she have to say that is so important? I think she’s being childish, a snob, a cad? I did not watch womens soccer before, but with people like her on the team why should I watch? People like her selfishly damage their sport. ( like Kappernick!) If President Obama invited me, a citizen, to the White House I’d go. If he asked me about his policies or his racist behavior I would tell him what I thought. But I don’t think policy considerations or moral conversation is why she would be invited. It makes perfectly good sense for people to be kind when kindness is offered, maybe her message is excluding reasonable and kind people?

After writing the above, I looked her up on Google! She’s gay! You probably knew that, I did not. This all makes better sense now. She, like many liberals, probably thinks Trump is homophobic and bigoted, and anybody who voted for him is guilty by association. She probably thinks by going to the White House he will somehow rub off on her! God forbid he touch her!

What a blustering cow! I find this insulting, I mean Rapinoe’s threats and aggressive demands! Does she expect to break Trump’s spirit by not going to the White House? Does she think foul language, stern manners, and deep hatred suits her cause? Surely hatred and cruelty are more evil than lust, but I don’t believe even Trump would single out unnatural sins for special reprobation! And soccer to my knowlege is not wholly dominated by social struggle. Rendering the impluse to hate makes for division and the speedy abandonment of friendships. Most of society does not share a fashionable lust for her vice. But it does not mean we all feel a certain nausea towards homosexuality and gay people. (A feeling of sickness with an inclination to vomit can come just as likely from gallbladder disease). The upward path to love extends beyond the hypocrisy of comparing evils; but Trump is far more tolerable than her fawning hatred and her bourgeois vulgarities.

She and I both think people learn much by imitation. But she has forgotten we could all do better by entering a society of courteous people. In fact, she would do better by washing Trumps feet (as Christ did and we all should) than stammering to contradict her many blessings.

Hate Speech

I’m seeing more and more articles on the regulation of hate speech. At first glance this sounds great. They say, “Let’s stop threatening speech that advocates violence and stop speech that “attacks a person or a group on the basis of protected attributes such as race, religion, ethnic origin, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity.” Who would be against that, right? Just be careful about what you wish for!

I have always advocated for freedom of speech and dignified language, it was engrained in me as a child; I have never been one for swearing and I will not not hate you for being gay nor for saying racist or bigoted words about others. Sure, I’m often offended by jerks who do so (I will call you a jerk, as I expect you would do the same for me for such behavior) I’ll be offended about as much as I am of those who use use foul language, mock others, and blow smoke while I’m eating and I cannot get away. I’ll probably even “say” something about your language or rhetoric, beware!

Do you hate gay people? Jews? Christian’s? Blacks? How about Russions or Republicans? How about your neighbor? In the same way that I cannot make any of these believe in Christ, I also cannot stop you from swearing, and making bigoted, hateful comments about others. (In the old days I may have tried by knocking your lights out, but that’s forbidden today, and rightfully so.)

I believe in freedom, the right to express opinions that suck. I reluctantly think that so long as you don’t physically harm others, you should have the freedom to be a jackass and hang out with jackasses, even organize and march as jackasses (KKK and certain Gay Pride Parades qualify) Governments and corporations have never stopped sin or sinners, why they think they can do it these days is silly.

I also believe it is within our own hearts to reject and stick up for those who cannot help themselves. We are to believe what is right, just, and true; we find these things in scripture and in our souls, not in opinion polls.

Currently we live in a liberal nanny state. Have you stopped teaching our children that, “Sticks and stones may break my bones. But names will never hurt me?” Then you might be a liberal controlled by the lady in the house.

We are letting Facebook and Google and a host of corporations determine what is proper and acceptable speech. For instance, Facebook has recently agreed to share data considered as “hate speech” with French courts. YouTube banned a holocaust denier but leaves up thousands of UFO and wacky climate change activist websites that say “aborting children women will help save the planet.” I’d call that advocating violence, not just idealistic words. And this one takes the cake, a knitting website just banned posts supporting the Trump administration. Now the UN is “introducing a new “Action Plan” to combat hate speech.” This hyper idealistic, altruistic, and profit motivated shaming of ones personal beliefs is destroying the social fabric of all judeo christian nations and giving more power to the globalists. This is exactly what Hitler did, he regulated what people were to believe about others and punished them for believing otherwise: This is evil! We, I believe, have slipped and fallen down the slippery slope. The phenomenon is not that hate speech is on the rise. The phenomenon is that we have let others take away our freedom of speech. We are letting others tell us what to believe and how we should speak. Let the crazies speak, if we are loving we will see them for who they are. But I see their goal as to ban us politically and to ban our Christian faith (satan uses people as tools). They have already labled us intolerant, homophobic, and bigoted. Their next step is to ruin the lives of all who believe differently than they do. AI data bases will separate the wheat from the chaff and a permanate “mark” of fate will keep us all in line (they foolishly hope). At some point we may even be hung on crosses, sounds familiar right?

The world’s rules are inconsistent, and constantly changing. The good news is God’s rules never change, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself.” This is true freedom, in Him we have nothing to fear!

My Friend Pat

I thank God for you Pat, for you have refreshed my spirit. Your life is exciting, inspirational, and faithful. You are Godly, kind, humble, fun, and full of joy.

Riding Going to the Sun Road

I took a chance on hiring you at my outdoor store when you were but 16 years old. For all these years I thought it was because you were so persistant by coming back week after week begging to work for me. You essentially wore me down and I relented! It turned out that God sent you, and you have become more than a great employee and a super kid. In those day you absorbed my every word. All these years later I am suprised you can repeat my words and tell me how much my training meant to you! I had no idea! I just knew you as a great kid, an always willing and responsible employee. It has been twenty years plus since we last spoke face to face. Facebook and phone calls can never replace the timing of this meeting. Today I know you as a man I respect and I honor for your committed faith. You have a persisting spirit, and your desire to do what is right and honor our God in ALL things is staggering. Your honorable commitments over the years past have had consequences which at the time seemed dire, but now they have produced fruits. You are light years ahead of your peers and the follys of this generation. Keep up the good work!

Together with his wonderful wife Katerina

The bible says of Saint Paul’s friends, “for they refreshed my spirit as well as yours. Give recognition to such people. (1 Corinthians 16:18, ESV). This is why I am making this message public. To my friends, you know there are very few special people God puts in our lives. For me, Patrick is one of these people. His worldly accomplishments are notably worthy of praise, but few of these these are of eternal importance; it is just fun to hear of his adventures, and maybe someday I can share them with you.

Our last supper with friends

What I wish for you to hear today is what I learned from our long awaited reunion. I learned again we should all give thanks to God because of the grace given to us God in Christ Jesus, for in every way we are enriched in Him; in Christ we lack nothing. My friend Patrick reminded me of this truth. A once young, immature kid, by the help of God and the faith in his soul, has grown into a man. He is someone special to me because of what God has done through him. Patrick has given his mind, his talents, and his heart to God. God guides his every move. He trusts in Him in all situations, and when you get to know him you’ll understand the “situations” Pat gets himself into!

Beautiful people!

So, in Christ I boast! We should all be as worthy and humble as my friend Patrick, for in people like him (and in ourselves) we should see Christ. Our friends should see us as faithful and kind, believers in God. They should see the one who has done so much for us that He has changed the way we think and live. This is Christianity! This is freedom in Christ, in so doing we live radically bold and incredibly satisfied lives.

Not So “Bad!”

Someone, a friend, once used the word “bad” to describe President Trump. It’s a simple word. It can mean many things but it is used most frequently to mean some form of low quality, unpleasantness, or evil. For my friend, I understand completely her use of the term to describe her hate of the President. If one honestly believes something or someone to be “bad” we cannot help but hate that person or thing. But now let’s do some thinking. Who else is “bad?” Answer the question please, and be honest! Before you try, remember to make such a charge about anyone requires grounds, settled standards, a diagnosis established on a foundation of immovable truth. To do otherwise could involve a critique based on emotion or pejorative epitaths without regard to their accuracy. Remember, the hatred one has for another must be based on something; to call someone or something bad must not be baseless or else it is merely an insult.

Before you answer too quickly let me ask a personal question, one you can more easily answer, “Am I bad?” Ya, Bob Graham, is he a “bad” person? My friend at first thought might say (I trust), “No, Bob’s not a “bad” guy.” Then she might qualify her statement and say, “I don’t agree with him on many issues, but that does not make him “bad,” I mean “bad” like Trump!” Do you see what’s happening here? We often make a moral judgements of good and bad based on the differences between two people thus vilifying the character of one and uplifting the character of another. The function of critism should not be to compare one moral character to another, nor to let society discharge its hatred on one and not the other. The “grounds” upon which a society stands or falls is always fixed; how far we depart from these standards makes one good or bad. (At this point this essay becomes theological as well as a philosophical exercise.) Unfortunately I must say Bob Graham misses the mark. My friend is wrong, I am a “bad” person too! Maybe she is unwilling or just being kind, but if my faults were exposed and compared to God’s, not Donald Trumps or humanity in general, she would find me to be “bad” too. Humbling, isn’t it!

So what is one to do when we encounter a “bad” person (unless you are deluded or missed the point, we are all misfits). So, we must first look at ourselves and realise we are not perfect. And secondly we must not discharge our hatred critically. C.S. Lewis says about critism, it is not right to “discharge our hatred but to expose the grounds for it; not to vilify faults but to diagnose and exhibit them.” This means you don’t need to be silent always, though for some of us that would be a blessing. It means we need to be more specific when we critise. We need to explain, “in what way is he bad?” Lewis also says it is easier to express our hatred with pejorative (contemptuous or disapproving) words without regard to their accuracy “for the power of their hurting.” Easy is not always better and maybe a punchline on Facebook is not the best place for a critique of your fellow man.

You all should know about or have seen the “Baby Trump” ballon the haters fly in London to humiliate our President. This exemplifies the great error of our day. While the baloon may, to some, be an ingenious comic political work. It actually shows us the heart of the said comedians and Trumps distractors. The balloon is obviously meant to annoy Trump and his supporters. Ironically this opposition claims maturity by making Trump appear adolescent; not because they desire to show us Trumps faults, but because they hope deep down the symbol is one that annoys the President and disrespects his supporters. It would be far more mature for them (and my friend), to explain in what ways Trump is so bad? And then ask, how much different is he from themselves? Remember, calling Trump “bad” if rightly applied, compares his character to that of God, not society; society has often gotten righteousness wrong. The best, and the most honorable, course of action would be to charge me or Trump with a particular fault like “liar” or “thief,” “arrogant or dull.” True faults are particular. One is not all bad all the time; nobody is all good. There are faults by which we are all guilty, but at least among friends they are particular faults by which we can be proven guilty! I think this is why we must all stand before the judgment seat of God! Still, it is common and unavoidable to think of ourselves good or bad, we usually do so by the strength of the standards or characteristics we see in others.

For some, popular pejorative terms, within a particular subcultures (like politics), these terms (“contemptuous or disapproving”) become venomous judgements used solely for spite. Remember, it does not take many words these days to reveal ones passions. And when that happens it is not hard for many hearers to discount the words of the one who has an opposing opinion, specially one with a biblical perspective.

Bottom line! Critiques filled with venom and words expressed with a willingness to wound are useless when one is preceived as predisposed to hate (CNN). And finally, I thank God that Christ died for my “badness.” In his eyes He sees me as His wayard son, repentant, forgiven, and loved. Maybe He sees President Trump the same way, not so “bad,” a work in progress? And, of course, my friend, we must condem the actions of some critically, we are all are depraved, some are wicked in deeds, but God forbid that I should look at them as hopelessly “bad” till God judges us all.