Super Bowl Sunday

Are you thinking about football, chips and salsa, beer, commercials and touchdowns? Not me. I woke up at 5 am and craved, but it was God’s word that I looked forward to. Touchdowns are fun and commercials are interesting but nothing brings me more joy than learning about and writing about Jesus.

So I read the book of James this morning, you know, the one about being steadfast, strong, bridaling the tongue, having faith along with works. It’s always a good reminder that righteousness (winning the superbowl of faith) was credited to Abraham for his hard work and obedient faith; that his faith was active along with his works, and his faith was completed by his works; (James 2:22, ESV).

I’m not trying to be too tricky here by conflating football with Sunday school. I’m just saying as I’ve gotten older not everything falls apart. My faith actually grows stronger when I exercise it. I love reading God’s word and obeying it. It is like working out, training, butting heads on the field of play. I’ve been on some good teams and some bad ones. This time I’m on Jesus’s team. He died for me to have a spot on his team. I want to make him proud and I can’t do that if I get comfortable on the bench. I liked playing football, I liked the contact. I like being a Christian too, but not a spectator.

I can’t just root for Him, I’m not just a tailgater like so many. When it’s game day I put on my armor, my helmet of salvation, and play the game with enthusiasm.

The hardest thing about being on His team, the game never ends while we’re here on earth. It can be exhausting but he gives us the strength to endure. And we don’t simply retire because we get old or injured. The battle truly makes us stronger, even at the last day.

Our team wins in the end for sure. When Satan is destroyed and justice and mercy have seen their day we will be crowned champions. The celebration of salvation is ours to enjoy when we do His will. When the last game is over the standard will be raised and He will be crowned the GOAT, King of Kings. All will know God has won and there will be no more games to play. But what a celebration it will be. Till then, put on your pads it’s game day!

2 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sunday

    1. Thanks Kathy. My words aren’t always charming, savory or welcome by some, but they are meaningful to me. Sometimes I write to encourage, other times to just exercise my brain. If you find purpose in them all the better. Some opinions, like yours, matter more than others. Go Jesus!


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