Raise The Standard!

Have you noticed the prevailing winds? That a deep feeling of dislike of average folks has hatched? I’m not speaking of calling Trump voters “deplorables.” That was real, but it was more like a distraction or a slip of a forked tongue. What is happening is more insidious. It’s been gradual, subtle, and calculated.

Are you old enough to remember the  over population scares of the 1970’s? We were told by the fear mongers the world would soon run out of food to feed the ever growing  world. India had a population of 609 million and they had multitudes considered poor and starving. Today India has a population of 1.4 billion and a growth rate of .8% and they are a net exporter of food. Do you also remember that they told us we’re going to run out of oil? Today the alarmists say cities will be under water in the near future due to climate change. Of course to remedy these cases they raped the land and exploited the poor people of  Africa, China, and India, they still are. The elites are quietly mining resources and exploiting the poor to build “green” energy alternatives, and enrich woke corporations. If you don’t see the hypocrisy stop reading right now.

12 years ago? lol.

If you’re still here I’m reminding you that I said this is something “more sinister”, more sinister than just hypocrisy.

I would like to think these have been the thoughts of all prior generations. That there are always hucksters creating fears to profit from the little people is basic to the fall of man. But this time the goal appears to be disguised as utopian not merely colonial. It will not be more perfect for us, but for them. Ordinary people thriving is getting in the way.   Everything the high society glitterati are doing is to unseat mankind. We were made by God’s edict to subdue, master, and be stewards of the vast resources of the earth. But in the eyes of many we are to put the planet first; ironically by putting them in charge! This is only possible for for those at the top. I mean we all know the people at the top want us to restrict childbearing, stop using of fossil fuels, eat the kinds of food they want us to, own only the number of acres and animals they say. They now say it’s to “save the planet,” but is it?

Obey Us

I honestly think most of the rascals at the top loath all of us below them. They think we need to be tamed. We need to be useful and productive, for their purposes. Yet, I think, we’re becoming too powerful. And if we have values that interfere with their hierarchical rule and vanities, they think we must be stomped out. If our wages grow too fast and their profits fall they raise “our” interest  rates and keep us from buying that dream home. It’s amazing how their standard of living changes very little. They like being landlords. Remember they were once upon a time called Lords and we were Serfs. Today they’re teach their followers to be lazy serfs. Still we’re becoming too much like them and they don’t like it. So they have created The Hague, The WHO, The United Nations, The World Economic Forum, and they meet in Davos Switzerland to plan our futures and their fortunes. Have any of you been invited? I haven’t. Of course I’m not advocating for socialism. A hierarchical capitalist class system works well in my opinion. What I’m advocating for is free speech and bold leaders that think. For people to recognize that we are being played, propogandized by an elite class that needs to be prayed out of power.

Bob and Jackie

To further illustrate, have you noticed they want us all to live in cities where they can “take care of us?” Their followers live there already, and their leaders will show us how it’s done when theyre not caught being hypocrites. And have you noticed they tell us what’s good for us? Have you noticed the narrative and coverup of Jeffery Eptstien’s client list is still being construed?

Not only do I think they want us to accept all their diversity and inclusion theories to normalize sin, I really think they desire to impoverish us and demoralize us. Look what they’re doing to Donald Trump. We can be more obedient this way.

Why do I bring such things up? To create controversy, no. I think we all know this is bad news. It’s simple, I’ve little to lose, I’m old. The consequences for speaking my mind is not like it is for young people. They’re being indoctrinated, groomed, and lied too. They fear for their jobs, they can’t speak up in class without repercussions. They’re not thinking much anymore so they cannot speak. Who will speak for these otherwise? Those who do are sorely cancelled.

I actually heard someone say they hope that old people like me will die so we won’t have these objections anymore.

So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him. Isaiah 59:19

Is our generation no longer useful? Have we become too weak to lift up the standard? Think about how the children are being deceived and our history rewritten. God has already been removed from government, the public square and the workplace without a permit. I speak freely because I’m old and old-fashioned and soon there will no more of us, so if not us, who will lift up a standard?

When God raises up a standard, it means that His work at the cross has created a standard against the enemy that cannot be overcome. Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection has provided salvation for humanity and defeated the enemy.”  Quote attributed to walkwiththewise.org

2 thoughts on “Raise The Standard!

  1. jamesdeweyburnett

    Hey buddy! You said a mouth full there. We meet on Mondays for a grandparent’s class. I don’t watch the news much, but I can’t hardly believe the crap our government is doing to our youth. What they allow in schools.
    It makes me want to puke.


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