A Wonderful World

What would it be like if nobody spoke evil of dignities (yes, I meant “dignities”; persons or things worthy of honor and respect); that there are politicians and leaders worthy of respect and honor.That we would conscientiously honor and obey them, and all that are put in authority under them; I mean showing all fidelity, loyalty, and support in word and deed to the Government we happily live under; acknowledging, with gratitude, the protection, the liberty, and the great privileges we have under our constitution, both to our earthly life and religious, which we so abundantly enjoy. Can you imagine?

Can you imagine that people used pure speech – avoiding cursing, foolish talk and jesting; not double tongued liars speaking from both sides of their mouths.

Can you imagine “parents not provoking their children to anger; but governing them, and to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.” Can you imagine wrong doers actually being punished; and we cannot forget to imagine “husbands and wives loving and honoring each other. Husbands as spotless heads of the family loving our wives as the weaker sex and as Christ loved the Church (it’s biblical, look it up. Eph 5:25-31). And imagine if children could be taught by two parent households to love, honor, and obey their parents in all things? And let us not forget sobriety, chastity, and Godly marriages between real men and real women, not acronyms and pronouns (I had to say it).

What a delightful world it would be if we all believed in these biblical principles and were willingly determined, in the strength of the Lord; to forsake every evil and denounce the pomps and vanities of this wicked world and still respect and love one another.

What a wonderful world it would be if we didn’t have to imagine our world this way. So, as Christians, we should all aspire to making what God ordains not merely ostensible, but genuine and true in our own lives! Time to get to work!

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