My stay at “The Manor” in Snainton UK

I rarely write publically about my stays while traveling, but this stay needs a loud and enthusiastic review. One of my Romatic fantasies has been to stay in a classic, original, and historic manor house in England. And I never thought it would be possible through

Our host Helen lists her Grade 1 three bedroom home in Snainton UK, just thirty minutes from York. A grade 1 property is a site of exceptional national, architectural or historical importance. Her listing, in tune with her character, presents humble information and photos – from our perspective her words are understated.

Her property is beautiful, full of character, and tastfully decorated. Sure there are some quirks like low doorways through which I routinely smacked my head on, even after being warned. Many of these quirks can’t be fixed as the historical regulations keep upgrades at bay. The building is over 300 yeats old. Still I find the property equal, if not better than many multi million dollar homes in my neck of the woods, including ours. It’s wonderfully cozy and can accommodate six adults, but only my wife and I booked it. We have the huge footprint all to ourselves. I believe it has five rooms an average hallway and a kitchen just for us.

From the classic private entrance to the flower gardens, ivy clad walls, and crisply patterned cut grass every thing about this place bleeds serenity and romance. If you’re not happy walking about this property you probably think a Motel Six parking lot is luxury.

I’ll not overplay my hand here as I don’t have permission to talk up our stay and I’m not a paid influencer, I simply stayed here with my wife in September of 2022 and we loved it. If you’re lucky you’ll stay here someday too, but hurry, Helen told us she’s thinking about selling the property. Enjoy!

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