Are You Of The World

There was a time when I watched television and went to the movies. I enjoyed television cartoons, sitcoms, and even the news. Fantasy, futuristic, cowboy, and manly movies were cool too. This “entertainment” made me think or simply made me happy. I believe I first stopped watching TV after Happy Days, and I can say happily I’ve probably watched less than ten movies at a movie theater in the past thirty years. Nothing in particular chased me away, I rather just found the content uninteresting and I had too many other things to do.

Now I’m not saying I never watch TV or an occasional movie. I do watch classic movies, mostly pre 1970’s, and my wife enjoys it when I watch music shows with her. I do my best to stomach the agenda personalities, but for the most part they stay away from the hot topics because not everybody has issues.

The other night, however, after we watched American Idol, I left the channel on and was intrigued by The Good Doctor. I’ve heard it was a “good show” and it was for the most part. But like almost every other time I give the world a chance they have dissapointed. In this case the subject matter was intriguing, but like all other shows post 1980’s they interjected the subliminatal agenda of sinful ideology. They unnecessary forced into an otherwise perfect script, homosexuality, racism, sexuality, and the use of drugs to calm anxiety. “It was all so innocently expressed,” some might say. For me, I’ll never watch it again.

Of course there were movies in the past that definined racial inequity and objectified various inequities. We all knew a Sidney Poitier movie was going to be a deep dive into racial injustice. Or we knew a James Dean movie was going to be a culture trip. But we had choices back then. To watch a movie without cursing or a political agenda was pretty nice. And the outcomes were almost always happy endings.

Just look at what Disney is doing these days. Hardly a movie or show they produce is without the influence of a liberal agency. And I remember the few times I’ve watched HGTV you would think half the universe was gay. Now school children are being indoctrinated in first grade to “The Agenda.” Folks it’s getting worse out there. We all know the acceptance of pedophilia is not far away.

Unless you’re like me you may not see what I see. I’ve not been desensitized. When I do watch the world’s media it’s appalling and in most cases disgusting. And you’ll notice I hardly addressed the sexualizing of everything.

So, you might say I’m a dinosaur or at least a relative of the Cleavers. If so, thank you, I’m proud of it! I’m not naïve of what evil is, I just avoid it.

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