Nutty is Necessary

If today is like every other day I will think Jesus is coming, and coming soon! After I turn on the news or listen to one of the many conspiracy theories my friends will send me, I will know for sure! It is coming to that point, “Yep, today is the day,” I’ll say! But of course I’ll not have a clue, so the bible says.

Seriously, we all know it, even the fruitcakes in Portland and the devout in Wheaton know it, the world has gone nuts. And I believe a world gone nuts is exactly the kind of world that needs Christ. So maybe this is also the kind of world where people nutty for Jesus can have the biggest impact? What solutions are the politicians giving us? How about the Media? As far as I know Buddha and Mohammed haven’t said anything since they died. So, what about the scientists, they too seem to have everything wrong? They are more like historians, writing their prescriptions after the fact. And there haven’t been any serious philosophers since the enlightenment, so you can count those guys out! Who is there to turn to?

The people I know, the ones who are afraid and concerned about their futures are seeking answers. In that giant cesspool which millenials call “conscienceness,” the majority of people have not found their answers. “What’s wrong with us,” they ask? They rattle their brains and lurk around corners hoping to hear good news from “Q.” Or maybe they hide themselves in the confines of some app wishing it will all go away. No it’s not likely to go away, the world has changed forever, we all know it! So maybe it’s time for us nutty Christians to show the world we are looney too, but in a good sort of way?

Do you remember watching the movie “What about Bob?” Everyone loved Bob. Oblivious Bob, the patient, makes himself at home at the psychologist Dr. Marvin’s house and the doctor loses his professional composure as Bob is too much to handle. Before long the Doctor was ready for the looney bin himself. You see the world thinks like Doctor Martin, they think the patient (the Christian) is beneath them. What they fail to realize is we have been made different. We did not come to what they would call an enlightened state on our own. We have not beaten ourselves into submission or reasoned ourselves unto faith. This may be the time to reach out in love to a blind world. If Jesus does not return today, they may not think our ideas so strange? If He does return, boy will they will be in big trouble, so do it with the hope of their salvation.

It could also end that the world goes completely mad and everything works out for the persistent and faithful Christian; just like it did for Bob. Either way we will see, Jesus saves and there is the wide path where most will not be so fortunate. Therefore, whether today or tomorrow, if the world calls you nutty for believing Jesus rose from the grave to save sinners, ask them how insane is their world? Then tell them about Jesus. They might just find yours much more comforting!

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