Prequel – 1961 Metro Van Tour

I’m still working on a few last minute fixes before I head out to pick up Jackie. So until then, a few of you were interested in what the van looked like before I started the renovation. I’ve put together a mess of photo’s for you to see below. I’ll not bore you all with long detailed explanations. I think you can see for yourself it has been a journey. There are many more things I’d like to do after we get back from our tour, but until then……

Day One

Not to bad right?

Well, this is the real story! It was quite rough, and looking back, “What was I thinking?”
I kinda like the old seat. But the old van did not have two seats, it never did. So I got some “old” new seats.
In the beginning, after a quick paint job and before the new engine. A short drive!
Engine out

Sold Engine and Axles to owner of Metro in Canada

Turbo 400 Trans and 205 transfer case

Engine In
Krell Jones – Krell’s Customs – Columbia Falls, Montana
Master Restoration Specialist
Starting up the engine for the first time.
New rear end bolted right in, out of late 70’s suburban. Front axle was a different challenge.
New Steering Column and dash
Up on the rack

Done, with new drive train. Before I did any work to the inside of the van.

Well that’s it for now. I’ve a lot more to do like re painting and fixing all the things you can’t see. But the tour comes first. We will work out the bugs and fix things accordingly. I think it’s better to start something and use it, then go back and fix things that really bug you! Next post will be from on the road!

2 thoughts on “Prequel – 1961 Metro Van Tour

  1. Peter D Hanselman

    Bob, Thanks for all the pictures!! Love this kind of stuff. Not sure I have your skills or stick-to-itness or if my wife and I could do this kind of a journey!! Thanks for letting me tag along

    Liked by 1 person

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