Mundane Thoughts

I’ve given up the sublunary world of Facebook! While I do enjoy keeping up with old friends and seeing photos of babies, food, and events, it is also important for me to think and encourage others! In a days time I found hours could be wasted just scrolling Facebook to relieve boredom. Do you feel the same way? I’ll stay connected but I’ll no longer be posting things. I’ve gone a month now without posting anything original, and it’s made me happier. The worldly and mostly silly political affairs of the present contrasted with dreamy reflections of the external has made the transition easier. It’s not the restraint that has made me happier, but the time I’ve gained by not checking and responding to the hysterical, comic, and mostly lame comments on my posts. Just too many disagreeable posts showed up. Then of course there was always the angry hater who mistreated my every word.

Surly a blog will not solve all these pleasure-less experiences, it may however help me better control my own behavior, improve my language skills, and facilitate a gratifying control of the narrative; not many posts I see on Facebook I find attractive.

The public space, has own its own set of problems that I may soon find unattractive as well. But for now I’ll give it a try. The commonplace and mundane narrative of worldly interests I find prevalent on Facebook are secondary to my interests in spiritual things. I hope to proclaim, at least for a season, unearthly howls and supernatural intuitions on matters dear to me, some purely fiction, some allegorical.

I hope you will bookmark my site and join me in this simple-minded yet adventurous journey in chivalrous courtship and heavenly romance. If you become bored you can always check your Facebook page.

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