Even on our best day we are far short of who we ought to be; regrets are humbling, and profitable if we do them not again and again. So when the door to heaven seems shut, and I seem to be living on Jobs dunghill, I will remember what Christ has done for me.  But there are some here who will say, “I have no regrets. I have no need of religion.” Of them Spurgeon has said, “The day shall come when you will envy the least and most trembling believer. To you careless, Christless sinners, the day shall come when you will cry to the rocks for mercy, and beg them to conceal you from the eyes of him whom now you dare despise. I beseech you be not high minded, lift not up your horn on high, speak not so exceeding proudly, bow before the Christ of God, and ask him to give you the new life; for even if that new life have declined and become sickly, it is better than the death in which you dwell. Go and seek grace of him who alone can give it, and he will grant it to you this day, for his infinite mercy’s sake. Amen.”

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