How do you love?

Do you love your neighbor? What does it look like to love? Do you love like Jesus loved?
Look at me, look carefully. Listen to me, listen carefully. Watch me, observe my ways. Is there something worth loving in me? What if I’m not a “good” person? I lie, I steel, and I lust. Maybe I smoke, cuss, wear gangster clothes, and listen to rap music. Or maybe I smoke some pot, drink, and live a rebellious life; I use women, look at porn, don’t work, and always look angry. I know I’m not very cool in your eyes. I don’t care what you think. I’ll believe what I want to believe; your God is not real. Do you still love me, really love me?
What does your love look like? Do you talk to me? Am I a stranger to you or do you know who I am? Did I attend your church at one time, did I go to school with you, or maybe you just see me on the streets. Do you go out of your way to see me, to talk with me, or help me? Do you leave me encouraging notes on my Facebook Wall? Will you smile at me, and introduce me to your friends? Do you call me and ask me to do things with you? Will you include me when you’re getting together with friends? Will you help me move or fix things for me? Do you invite me to church?
Or do you just pray for me; is that love?

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