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They truely hate you!

No GOP zone sign in window!

3.11.19 I can’t help myself but to feel pity for the haters. While visiting Wisconsin I saw this house with its windows plastered in politically left hate verbage while walking my dog. My first thought was, “really?” The farthest cry from “love thy neighbor as thyself” one can get was on display! After our walk I watched a morning show and their guest made a snide reference to all the people out there who voted differently than she had, infering that we were badly disturbed people. Sadly it has not been uncommon for liberals to express themselves in angry and demeaning ways; they have done so all my life, and I’m getting pretty old. Instead of defending their own positions, they tend to speak down to others and belittle people like me. Not just our values are under attack, but more so is our personhood.

I have also noticed media accumulates unto themselves guests of like kind and mind, and every interview they build up and pry out statements that decry and undervalue people not of their own class and political bent. They laugh and encourage, joke and smile with their “friends.” But should they be forced by the network or compelled they speak to or about their preceived enemies, they make themselves feel superior and they treat us, the people they hate, with suspicious contempt. Their laughter ceases and serious frowns and wrinkled foreheads darn their faces. It’s a miserable sight to see! Yet they seem so pleased with themselves for “fighting the good fight.”

These people truely make “loving our enemies very hard!”

I'll break my political silence on this absurd Cohen hearing. The truth we will never know, this is all sinister theater for political gain on both sides. Admittedly it's interesting gossip, but I'm digusted deep down and I know it's wrong to have a public congressional hearing about the private lives of Mr. Cohen and Mr. Trump. Would you like your character and private business ventures to be disgussed in a public hearing? Would you like the hearing to be about you without you being there? Cohen is playing the part of a fool by participating. This hearing and the lies perpetuated by an unholy and malicious media are why good honorable people don't enter politics, and probably why most of us shouldn't.
The hearing shows me how far this nation has departed from the kindness and the goodness of God's grace. It shows me, sadly, how our culture has become fascinated by evil deeds, gossip, injustice and power.
I am personally not concerned about Cohen's testimony and his opinions about Mr. Trump. But I do find it disturbing that Mr. Cohen met with Democrats before the hearing, I think they call that collusion? I also find it disturbing that Mr. Cohen admitted he is seeking a book deal. Crime surely pays worldy dividends. So don't these hearing's mitigate the consequences of punishment? A couple three years in prison for a few million dollars, I wouldn't do it, but I know many who would! So is it right for people to use such a hearing as a gateway to a big book deal and/or movie deal? Was not the main purpose of the hearing, orchestrated by Democrats? Is not their sole purpose to destroy a president and to regain power? This is not democracy, it is not the process the founders envisioned, it is evil, evil, evil!
Stop listening to this stuff! Do some laundry, hug your kids, listen to cello music. I'm going to install a new battery in my van.

2.13.19 It's makes for interesting math and logic to think spending 5.7 billion on a wall is excessive compared to a 80 trillion for a "Green New Deal?"


“I’ve done a few tests and have determined we will all someday die!”


Lord, may your love change the hearts of many, and may this nation and all nations look to you. It is more than peace that we need, it is love, it is joy.



12.12.18 – Very Important Read



The emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires DELIGHT


Leon Cooperman – CNBC 


Billionaire investor Leon Cooperman said Thursday the turbulence in stocks is just part of a market correction because there are no hints of a recession.

What “They” Want You To Know

12. 08.18

Not much in the news today. You will hear many words about 41, and “they,” will likely present a deductive scheme of inference by rightly presenting  Bush as a gentleman and portraying Trump by subtle, specious, and crafty argument as an ungracious louse. Of course President Bush inviting President Trump to his funeral was a direct attempt to heal the nation. Good for him! Does that make him a better Christian or a Christian at all? John Harwood of CNBC implied that the current inability to heal the nation is Trumps fault without taking inventory of how the resistance and the media has not repented. I heard someone else say, “He (Bush) had restraint,” then he asked what can American presidents today learn from him? Again a reference aimed at Trump, but not to oneself. Of course these same people  did not like G..W Bush when he was president and, for sure, they currently despise Trump and live as far left hateful partisans; the syllogism is complete, the heart is desperately wicked; it is deceptive. Enjoy the major premise that Bush was a decent man, disregard the minor.

The markets are happy Trump and Xi called for a temporary truce on the trade war front.

There is action in the Middle East, Qutar is pulling out of OPEC.

So, it looks like a great day to tune out and get some important things done.

Number 41

National Christmas Tree Lighting


No it you didn’t see it, it was on cable, on the “Reelz” channel Sunday, December 2nd. Do you think if Obama were still in office it would have been on a major network channel? Right!


Dow futures surge more than 400 points after Trump and Xi agree to pause the US-China trade war. 

Making Progress – CNBC

Trump throws Xi a bone. Making way for a deal.